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The "Metadata" tab lets you control which Exif metadata will be contained in the saved (developed) image file. The Exif metadata is usually created by the camera itself and implemented into the raw image file. Basic Exif information is directly visible. Extended Exif information and so-called makernote data is organized into a tree. Click on the arrow at the very left of the desired sub-tree and you'll see its contents.

You can "Remove", "Keep", or "Add/Edit" Exif metadata. Manipulating metadata does not change the source file in any way! If you want to restore a value you have changed or removed by accident, simply press "Reset". "Reset All" works similarly but is used for trees and works recursively, which means that all values changed/removed in this subtree are restored.

You can "Add/Edit" the following Exif information:

  • Artist
  • Copyright
  • ImageDescription
  • Exif.UserComment

Only the English names of the Exif fields are displayed for easy reference. They are not translated when you choose a different GUI language.

Tip. If you want to add a specific tag to every processed photo, such as the "Artist" tag so that your name will appear in the "Artist" field, then do this:

  1. Open a raw (it will be opened with the profile you use by default),
  2. go to the "Exif" tab, click "Add/Edit", choose "Author", fill in your name,
  3. and save this profile with a new name, like "Default-Exif.pp3".
  4. Now open "Preferences > Image Processing" and set "Default-Exif.pp3" as your default profile for raw (or non-raw) photos.