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If you would like to chat with other RawTherapee users about any topic in real time, or catch one of the devs, feel welcome to join our IRC channel:

Channel: #rawtherapee
Network: freenode

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Use webchat, or download an IRC client (which is a piece of software that lets users like us talk on IRC). There are many free clients for all platforms.
    The Opera web browser also has native IRC support.
    Once you've installed an IRC client, take a look at its settings. You might want to change and set some things, e.g. set your nickname, enable %H:%M:%S timestamps, etc.
  2. Connect to a freenode server. Type /server
  3. Join the #rawtherapee channel. Type: /join #rawtherapee

If you come to our IRC channel and nobody is around at the moment, don't quit after two minutes, just leave your IRC client running in the background and check back in a few hours. Your question will be seen and answered if you are still online, even if you asked it a few hours ago.