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The Faded Pack profiles allow the application of nostalgic, thematic, sentimental looks to images with a general appearance of faded colors and additional color toning that is varied across the luminosity range of the image. Most profiles come in three variants:

  1. The base version,
  2. a TM (tone-mapped) version, and
  3. a slightly brighter tone-mapped version.

A side benefit of these profiles is that they handle burnt highlights very gracefully, making their appearance more natural and seamless with the rest of the image.

The essence of the toning effect is created mostly by settings of the Channel Mixer and RGB Curves (both in Color Tab). Channel mixer adds the fading effect and RGB curves apply the further color toning.

To tune profile to personal taste, one could adjust the RGB curves to alter the coloring effect. If color toning is acceptable, one could continue image adjustments with the tone curves in the exposure panel.

Faded profile pack, city example. Click for larger view.
Faded profile pack, woman example. Click for larger view.