File Browser Tab

1 Image Directory at Startup

At the top you can define the image directory to use at startup. It could be the RawTherapee installation directory, the last-visited directory, the home directory, or a custom directory.

2 File Browser / Thumbnail Options

This option defines whether you can see date and time or Exif information below the images in the file browser.

3 Context Menu Options

Adjust the grouping of the right-click context menu in the File Browser (and Filmstrip).

4 Parsed Extensions

Choose which files are recognized as images and displayes in the File Browser. All supported extensions are set by default. They can be deactivated by unchecking the relevant box. If a desired extension is missing you can easily add it by using the plus button.

5 Cache Options

These options influence the speed of thumbnail loading and generation. These options are quite self-explanatory.