Edges and Microcontrast

Edges and Microcontrast

The effects of this tool are only visible at a preview scale of 1:1 or more. Use a detail window (click on the Window-add.png icon under the main preview panel) to inspect a part of the image, or zoom the main preview to 100% (also called 1:1) Magnifier-1to1.png.

Unlike Unsharp Mask, Edges is a true sharpening algorithm. It does not introduce halos, it can be used to some degree on noisy images, and it works in the Lab space. Edges sharpens just the edges, and it can be complimented by Microcontrast to enhance texture.

1 Edges

How many passes the algorithm makes. Higher numbers produce a more posterized effect.
How many adjacent pixels will be searched for an edge. Larger values lead to sharper edges.
Luminance only
Sharpens the L* channel only; a* and b* channels are untouched.

More information here: https://web.archive.org/web/20110625093654/http://www.rawness.es/sharpening/?lang=en

2 Microcontrast


A 3x3 matrix is better suitable for noisier images.