Translating RawPedia

Translating RawPedia

This article explains how you can help translate RawTherapee's documentation, RawPedia.

1 Introduction

A page's title automatically serves as its name in the URL. Translations are created by appending an ISO 639-1 suffix to the English URL.

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2 How To


  1. Register for a RawPedia account.
  2. Send Morgan Hardwood a message via the forum explaining why you need an account, how long you've been using RawTherapee and whether you've translated any documentation in the past.
  3. Wait for him to approve your account. Once approved, you will see an "Edit" button on every page.

Translating a new page:

  1. Find your ISO 639-1 language code. For example if you want to translate into Inuktitut, the ISO 639-1 code is "iu". If an ISO 639-1 code for your language is missing, use a ISO 639-2 code. You will be using this code for every translated page.
  2. Create a new page for your translation.
    Start with the main page:
    Making a new page is as easy as typing in the name of a page which doesn't exist in the address bar.
    Since you are now translating Main_Page and using the iu code in this example, append /iu to the URL, so you end up with Main_Page/iu:
    Note that the page name in the URL must stay in English, do not translate it! Only append the language code as a suffix.
    Click on "Create".
  3. Now, in a separate tab, open the base English page, , click "Edit", and copy all the source text.
  4. Go back to your translation, and paste the text. At this point you can close the base English page - be careful not to accidentally make any changes to it.
  5. Now translate all the text you pasted. Use the "Show Preview" button as needed. Save once done. Avoid saving incomplete work. We don't want you to lose your work if the computer crashes or if the power goes out, but we also don't want hundreds of tiny changes. If you're working on a long page, it might be better to simply do the translation in a text editor and save locally to your hard drive until the translation is done, then just copy it to RawPedia and save.
  6. Repeat for every other page.

Updating an existing translation:

  1. Open the translation in a tab covering the left half of your screen.
  2. Open the more up-to-date base English article in a tab covering the right half of your screen
  3. Go through both articles, making sure that already-translated text is still accurate (the way a tool behaves might have changed in a new release, or a mistake might have been corrected in the English text, or an explanation improved), and that any new additions get translated.